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To Juliana von Hesse-Echwege | by hand, Monday April 4th

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The letter was written with black ink, in a strong,sloping hand, and sealed with blue wax. Accompanying it was a pair of simple sapphire earrings that Charles thought would go exquisitely with Juliana's eyes.



Dearest Venus,

I would write of the torment your absence has been, but I have not the words. Let it suffice for me to say that our last meeting seems an age of the world ago, though I remember it as though it were yesterday, and you have haunted my dreams ever since.

(And such lurid dreams they have been. A satyr would blush!)

I would have written sooner, but my time has been taken up by more mundane concerns, the details of which with I shall not bore you. It was shockingly neglectful of me regardless of my reasons, I know, and I can but hope that you can find it within yourself to forgive me. 

Should you find yourself in a merciful mood, my nights are my own for the foreseeable future, and it would be my honour and my pleasure to attend you if you so desire.

Yours in Worshipful Adoration,


P.S. I hope my token of regret meets with your approval. It is a small thing, I know, but I felt I could not appeal for mercy without first offering a symbol of my great regard for you.



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Juliana loved the earrings. Had she even told Charles that her favorite color was blue? She put them on and admired herself in her full length mirror and then sat down at her desk to reread his letter. Though she would have liked to reply in an equally eloquent manner, the game must be maintained and so she adopted a terse tone instead.




My most devoted slave,


I am pleased that you have missed me and that you long to worship at my alter again. You are correct in that you should have contacted me as soon as you returned to London, and though your beautiful offering has done much to appease me, you must still atone for your neglect of your goddess.


However, I believe you will find your punishment quite bearable and most enjoyable. I have a reward to present to you for your devotion and your faithful service. I require your presence on Friday at any time during the evening.


Until then, may your every thought be of me.





While she could have sent it with a messenger, Juliana decided not to. Let him wait a day. It might make him want her more.

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