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To Jonathan Willoughby | by hand, Monday April 4th

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The note was written with black ink, in a strong, sloping hand, and sealed in blue wax.



My dear Jonathan,

I must apologise, for I have been most remiss in not offering my congratulations already for your recent joyous arrival. Do say that you forgive me.

It seems to me lacking merely to offer my apologies and congratulations in ink, though. Where and when would suit for me to deliver them in person?

(I will confess to an ulterior motive — recess has left me with a great thirst for stimulating conversation, to say nothing of male companionship, and you would do me a great favour in aiding to alleviate it!)

I will beg your indulgence for the brevity of this letter, but were I to endeavour to set down all I desire to say I would fill twenty pages with nonsense, and still have not written a tenth of what I meant to. Better, I think, to exchange news in person.

Your servant,




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