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Winter Fire | Tuesday, late afternoon, CD- Xmas 1677

Sophia de la Cerda

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You're supposed to be in agonizing pain, so stop smiling.


No matter how many times Sophia told herself that, a grin remained on her face as she lay in her bed, the room darkened by heavy curtains. How could she not be happy after such a satisfying tryst with the intriguing Lord Arundel? She had supposedly been in her room since she returned from her excursion with the Duchess, suffering from one of the dreadful headaches that had plagued her since she was attacked about a year ago.


Most of the afternoon had indeed been spent in bed, just not this one. The plan she had concocted with Henry at the ball went off without a hitch. Sophia had dressed like a commoner and sneaked out of the house, though she nearly got caught once and had to hide behind some furniture. Because of the delay, she wasn't certain if Henry would be waiting a few streets away, but he was there, dressed as a coach driver, just as he had said he would be. They remained in character and he asked her if she could use a lift.


Soon they were at his flat, and the moment the door closed behind them, Sophia flew into his arms, kissing him passionately. Between kisses and caresses, he led her to the bedroom and they tumbled upon it together, eagerly tearing off each other's clothes. Just like at the ball, he was so excited to be with her that he spilled his seed inside her quickly, sending her into an intense and pleasurable climax.


He recovered quickly and they surrendered to their desire several more times, with intervals in between where they lay entwined together. They exchanged sweet words of affection and spoke about many lighthearted things. His laughter never ceased to make her heart flutter in her chest. If only they could stay like this forever, in a world of their own creation where nobody existed but the two of them and their love.


Sophia pouted when Henry told her that he needed to get her back home before she was discovered. They attempted to dress each other but succumbed to passion once more, deciding afterwards that it would be better if they kept their hands off each other. The journey back to the street where he had picked her up seemed all too short and as she stepped out of the carriage, they promised to meet each other again as soon as they could both get away.


He would be married then as well, and the fact that he said nothing about his future wife told Sophia that he wasn't very fond of her. Also, if he was looking forward to his marriage, why would he still want to dally with her? She had intended to end their affair, but she couldn't bring herself to do it. Though she was deeply in love with her Prince, Henry appealed to her on a different level and his affection helped to fill the gaping emptiness that Juan's absence left in her heart.


As the Earl drove away, Sophia blew him a playful kiss and walked the short distance to the house behind the Embassy, sneaking back in and up to her room, where she changed into her nightdress and crawled into her own bed. She decided that she would start feeling better around dinnertime, and while she waited, she relived the afternoon she had spent in Henry's ardent embrace, her young body still trembling in the aftermath of pleasure.


And though she tried to keep a pained expression on her face, the corners of her lips continued to turn upward in a soft and satisfied smile.


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