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Bonding with the Boys [CD]- Xmas 1677

Louis Killington

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The end of the season was upon him and there was much unfinished business.  There had been no time for his hosted dinner with dignitaries.  That would need to wait until the next season.  He had sent his gift to Buckingham, but had not managed to visit the Duke beforehand.  There would come opportunities later.  George seemed more interested in the King and Nicci at the moment, as he should.

"Good shot," he complimented Trevor as the lad hit the bottle on the post with a pistol shot.  Arthur had not been so accurate; but, what could one expect from a boy that age?  He had ridden with them to Chelsea, to get them away from London for an afternoon.  They had lunch at the George Inn, where his favorite French twins had shown uncommon interest in his two male charges. 

It had also given Louis an excuse to hear the latest gossip from their lips.  They might have learned more about Hen's misadventures as well.

Since the boys were too young to be interested in girls, Louis had been left to challenge them with riding and shooting for a bit.  The evenings were spent in his library discussing what they had learned at school.  Louis had received a classic education but shown no passion for it.  He was more interested in prurient pursuits.  He invited them to ask him questions as well.  Their interests would be valuable to know. 

The Hill boys were important to the King, so they were important to him.  They were important to Norfolk and Ibracken, so they were doubly interesting to him.  That Danby wanted custody of them gave him all the more reason for wanting to be on their good side.  They were pieces on the game board, without a doubt.  They were not mere pawns, so they needed to be cultivated and preserved so that they could be brought into play later.

"Let's try again," he urged the boys.  "There is still a bit of light left."  The cook was making their favorite foods.  It would be a well-received reward for a grand day.

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