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Note to Bridget Osborne- Xmas 1677

Louis Killington

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Bridget had been looking forward to Louis' note, certain that he would give her a day and time for their next tryst. Yet when it finally came, its contents were disappointing and there was no explanation as to why he couldn't see her. Had another lady replaced her in his affections? Had he decided that he didn't really love her at all? However, the last sentence gave her a small spark of hope. He said he would contact her.


Maybe if she had written him, they could have seen each other again, but Princess Juliana had told her that ladies never requested meetings with gentlemen. It made them look too eager. Men always wanted what they couldn't have, so one must appear indifferent to keep their interest. The Swedish woman had given her many good tips when she had visited her a few days after the ball.


Bridget was determined to use their time apart wisely, and when they did meet again, he would not be able to resist her anymore.


Louis would be hers.


This she knew.

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