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Self-Control- Xmas 1677


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Charles appeared confused for a moment, a feeling that Juliana knew well from playing the submissive herself. One forgot everything but pain and desire when one was flogged, and because he was a bit disoriented, she knew that she had done her job well. Although she had planned on saving the riding crop for a future encounter, she was glad she had used it. As soon as he had placed it in her hand, she had wanted to wield it, just as he had longed to feel its sting against his flesh.


As soon as he stood up, his wits seemed to return for he wasted no time pulling her into his arms and kissing her deeply and forcefully. She reveled in the feeling of her bounteous bosom crushed against his chest, skin against skin, and his kiss nearly took her breath away. Her need for him pulsed within her, almost painfully in its intensity, and she could feel the wetness flower between her thighs in anticipation.


Juliana felt his muscles tense as he lifted her upon the table. She gazed up at him as he looked down on her, a complete reversal of their former positions. Her thighs opened eagerly and she arched her back and gasped when he slammed into her. How wonderful it felt to be filled so completely! They were lucky that the table was a sturdy one and didn't even budge under Charles' vigorous thrusts.


It was so hot in the library now that she was surprised that every book it held didn't burst into flame. Propping herself up on her elbows so that she could watch the emotions play across Charles' face, she moaned each time his cock pushed against her back walls. Her inner muscles contracted around him as if to pull him in even deeper. Juliana could feel the pressure building inside her, but was determined that she would only climax when he did.

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Charles was entirely too far gone to consider such trivialities as the sturdiness of the furniture. His patience and control had been punished to their limits and beyond. The civilised airs he wrapped himself in, the finesse and restraint he took such pride in, had been stripped away, leaving only his lust and the primal need to sate it. All that mattered was Juliana's lush softness, her warm wetness around his cock. He would not, could not have stopped, even if the table had broken.

Some part of him dimly noticed Juliana sitting up. Snarling atavistically, he leaned forward to kiss her, keeping their lips locked until his lungs burned from the lack of air. His fingers dug into the cheeks of her arse as his thrusting intensified, his rhythm growing a trifle ragged. His blood felt as though it had turned to flame, and Charles was distantly aware that his endurance was nearly as exhausted as his patience.

He groaned loudly and hilted himself in Juliana as his climax arrived, boiling furiously out of him and taking his strength with it.  He sagged, his hands snatching at the edge of the table to prevent himself from simply collapsing on top of her. He was breathing like a bellows, sucking in great lungfuls of air and expelling them in massive shuddering gasps that shook his whole frame.

Finally regaining some semblance of his senses, Charles grinned down at Juliana.

"Well, that was... quite something," he said, trying for and falling just short of his customary poise.

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As soon as Juliana sat up, Charles leaned forward and captured her mouth with his. So much for watching his face,she thought, although she certainly wasn't complaining. Her entire body trembled with delight. Lacing her hands loosely around his neck, she lifted her hips so that she could rock forward with every thrust. This kiss literally took her breath away and when their lips parted, she took in a great gulp of air.


She could feel his fingers digging into her arse cheeks and the pain heightened her desire. When she sensed that he was close to climax, she shifted her position slightly so that his groin rubbed against her pearl. A little cry emerged from her lips, which quickly turned into sultry moans as myriad delectable sensations pulsed through her, increasing with each thrust.


Charles' intensity tantalized her. When he groaned and drove his cock deeply inside he, a flood of ecstasy tore through her body.  Euphoria consumed her, rendering her blind for a few moments as light danced in front of her eyes. It was one of the strongest and longest orgasms she'd ever had, and she thoroughly enjoyed every second of it.


As her pleasure subsided, Juliana unwrapped her arms from around his neck and propped herself on her elbows again. “It was divine,” she whispered, “absolutely divine.”


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Charles laughed shakily.

"Well, one of us was, at least," he managed at length, idly trailing his fingers along her side. "But I flatter myself that I did not disappoint." He tried to gather his weight under him and hissed in discomfort. Awareness was beginning to return, and it was not an altogether pleasant experience. His arse was on fire, and there was a deep ache in his lower back from bending over the table. It was damnably cold in the library too, now that he lacked the invigorating warmth of their coupling. Looking down at Juliana poured over the table like that, though, he could not say it had not been worth it.

"It has been some time since I... lost control like that," he confessed, smiling as he came back to himself fully. "But I hope I have convinced you of my patience," he added, grinning mischievously. He straightened up and stretched, barely withholding another groan.

I am not getting old, he assured himself, and then laughed aloud at his own ridiculousness.

"What would be the lady's pleasure now?" he asked, offering Juliana his hand. 

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You pleased your goddess splendidly.” Juliana knew from her own experience that Charles was going to be in a fair amount of pain for the rest of the night and that he would probably avoid sitting as much as possible. She had struck him lightly enough that his arse would only ache dully tomorrow, just enough to remember her by.


He did look a bit uncomfortable and disoriented, but also quite satisfied. Closing her legs, she sat up and smiled in content. “I pushed you into it, and I must say it was worth it. You should lose control more often.” But only with me. She didn't expect him to be any more faithful to her than she would be to him, but she hoped that he would not shag his other lovers with quite so much primal passion.


That mischievous grin enchanted her. “You have convinced me.” Her own smile became playfully wicked, “although I may decide to test it again.” Juliana watched appreciatively as he stretched, admiring the fine form that had given her so much pleasure. Still basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking, she didn't feel the cold, but she was more accustomed to it than Charles was. She had even frolicked nude in the snow a few times in Sweden.


She took his hand and hopped off the table, pulling him closer and pressing her lush body close against him. Entwining her arms around his neck, she kissed him deeply and then moved her lips to his ear. “I suppose we should get dressed,” she whispered, “though I much prefer you in the buff.”


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"Provide me with the opportunity and perhaps I shall, if it pleases you so," Charles murmured, tracing a fingertip over Juliana's lips. His mouth curved into a thin smile. "Though now I find myself compelled to wonder how you would look, similarly lost to the throes of passion."

Had he not spent himself so recently that deliciously sinful grin would have had Charles bearing Juliana back down to the table. But his stamina was far from restored, and so he contented himself with an extended bout of stretching under her appreciative gaze. Vanity, after all, was one of his favourite sins.

"Whenever it pleases you, Venus. I remain at your disposal." He let his eye wander over her gloriously naked form, returning the favour. "Particularly if such rich rewards are again the prize."

He met her kiss eagerly, hands sliding down to caress her arse. Even after everything, there was something wonderfully pleasurable in feeling Juliana's voluptuous figure pressed closely to him, and he could feel weary flesh trying and failing to respond. Perhaps it was just as well she broke off when she did.

"A feeling entirely reciprocated, I assure you," he managed, a trifle breathlessly, bringing up his hand to toy with a nipple. "But I suppose you are right."

Disentangling himself, Charles stepped away to gather his clothes.

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That can be arranged.” Juliana licked Charles' finger as he traced her lips. “If you want to find out, we can reverse roles. I'll let you borrow my crop and anything you can find in my bedchamber.” In her opinion, It was easier to withhold a woman's orgasm than a man's. You could do whatever you wanted with her, even have intercourse, but she would not climax if her pearl wasn't stimulated. If you tied her up so she couldn't do it herself, you could make her wait until she literally begged for release. She herself had never pleaded for it, but if anyone could make her beg, it was this alluring man before her.


Perhaps she should not have kissed him, for she was becoming aroused again with his mouth ravishing hers and the heat of his body permeating her own. She swiveled her hips forward when he caressed her arse. It was tempting to return the favor, but she knew how sore his would be and so she kept her arms around his neck and moved them up into his hair.


I'm glad you think so,” she said. Her nipples were already stiff and she gasped as Charles played with one of them. Juliana wished they could go for another round, but she didn't think that he would be ready again for quite some time. They couldn't stay naked in the library forever. They were pushing their luck as it was. Anybody could walk in at any time. She did, however, lower one hand so that her fingers could lightly brush over his cock as she stepped away.


He had folded her clothes into a neat pile and she began to dress. After she slipped on her chemise, she put on her corset. “Will you lace this for me?” she asked.

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Charles laughed.

"Oh, now that is a tempting offer," he murmured, lips curving slowly as he considered the erotic possibilities.

Now, where would I find silk cords?

He shivered and gasped as Juliana caressed him. Even that light touch was an almost painful overstimulation for his weary flesh. He could not recall ever feeling quite so spent. Under other circumstances Charles would not at all have minded waiting for his cock to recover, but the library was far from a good place to linger in their current state. No, they would have to dress and rejoin polite society. Reluctantly, Charles abandoned his fondling of Juliana's breast and began to gather up his clothes.

He laughed again when Juliana made her request.

"You know, I think that might be the first time a woman has asked me to lace up her corset," he observed idly. In his post-coital state, he found that very amusing.

Moving to oblige Juliana, he took advantage of the opportunity to kiss the nape of her neck as he worked.

"Perfection," he opined, admiring his handiwork (well, Juliana). He cocked his head as a realisation came to him.

"I shall need your help with my cravat. Doing it myself necessitates a mirror."

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I'm ready when you are,” she teased him. “You know where to find me.” Whether Charles tested her endurance or she tested his, any encounter between them was bound (pun intended) to be immensely pleasurable. Though Juliana liked to play both roles, she was a bit more partial to being the dominant partner. What lady didn't like having an intriguing gentleman follow her every command? Women didn't have that kind of power in the real world.


Really?” she asked in surprise. “I would have no idea how to do it myself.” One of her status was always dressed by maidservants, and corsets laced in the back. How other ladies managed it she didn't know. Those mundane thoughts gave way to feelings of pure delight whenever his lips touched the nape of her neck. “I wish you could dress me every day.”


Charles didn't lace it too snugly Most men didn't realize just how tight they were usually pulled around a woman's body. She could breathe more easily now, which was one perk of letting a gentlemen dress you. “Flattery will get you everywhere,” she laughed as she tied on her petticoats and skirts and finished with her bodice.


Juliana was just about to sit down amd put on her stockings and shoes when Charles asked for help with his cravat. “It would be my pleasure,” she said. Picking up the silky swath of fabric, she placed it around his neck and brought the ends to the front, Yet before she tied it, she leaned forward and nibbled on the side of his neck with her teeth until she had made a small red mark upon his skin. Kissing it softly, she stepped back with a playful grin and expertly tied his cravat and fastened it with his pin. Perhaps I will send him a cravat pin in the shape of a riding crop, she thought.


There. You look truly magnificent now.”


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Charles shrugged.

"Generally, either her servants were to hand or we did not bother disrobing fully," he explained. He smiled thinly. "The female wardrobe is a dashed complicated thing, and not infrequently too tiresome to bother with, as I'm sure you know."

His smile turned wicked, eye glinting merrily.

"In your case, however, I should be only too pleased to dress you. So long as I can undress you beforehand. And afterwards too, once I've gotten my breath back."

He bent his head back to let Juliana work on his cravat, and bit back a groan as she took advantage of his vulnerability to nip at his throat. It would have been churlish to put her appearance in disarray so soon after she had reordered it, so Charles contented himself with resting his hands on her hips.

"You wound me," he told her playfully. "I strive to look magnificent all the time."

Settling his patch and finger-combing his hair into some semblance of style, he offered Juliana his arm.

"Shall we return to the ballroom, Venus?"

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Most ladies do have maids that accompany them everywhere, but there are some situations in which I prefer that they not be present.” Juliana winked mischievously. “I would rather have a gentleman dress me any day. So far, nobody has turned me down.” Often they ripped her clothes back off before she was fully dressed, but she didn't think that Charles would do that. She wouldn't mind a second round, but he had completely spent himself and would need time to recover.


Always,” she replied. “I like the process of undressing better than dressing.” She also enjoyed removing a gentleman's clothes with sybaritic languor, which she hoped to show Charles at another time.


At first she thought that her clothes would wind up on the floor again when she felt his hands on her hips, but he resisted the impulse. Juliana was slightly disappointed, but she knew that they shouldn't stay in the library too long or they might be discovered.


Oh, but you do look magnificent at all times,” she hastened to reassure him, a wicked smile curving the corners of her mouth. “You just look a bit more so with my assistance.”


Soon they were both presentable enough to return to the ball. “I shall always look upon this little corner with fondness,” she remarked as she took his arm. They stepped out into the hall and began strolling toward the ballroom. “Why do you choose towear an eye patch?” she asked curiously. “You look perfectly fine without it.”

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Charles eyed Juliana sidelong, vaguely surprised by the question. It was not a great secret by any means, but most people did not ask and he generally did not volunteer the information. He shrugged one shoulder.

"The patch was a necessity when the wound was fresh. As well as that the skin around the socket does not hold its shape without a glass eye, and I did not have one until I visited Venice some time after I lost the eye, and by then the patch was a habit. At this point, I would not recognise myself without one." He ran a finger over the patch and laughed. "And I must admit that I like the aesthetic. It is distinctive,  and truthfully I think the asymmetry suits me. Shallow of me, I know, but I have never claimed to be a particularly complicated creature."

Normally one whose words flowed out of him like a river in flood, Charles, to his own surprise, found himself perfectly content to enjoy Juliana's company in silence, simply stroking a thumb over the back of her hand where it rested on his arm as they meandered back to the ballroom.

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Ahh, that makes sense. After seeing your glass eye, I was curious.” Juliana smiled and squeezed his arm. “You're right. It does suit you and sets you apart from everyone else. And I like the way you wear patches that match your clothes. The bright one you wore at the last ball was the first thing I noticed about you. A gentleman who was bold enough to flaunt the lack of an eye intrigued me.”


She winked playfully. “And you still do, shallow or not.” The self-styled Princess didn't think Charles was shallow at all. Then again, she had been described that way too. The rest of the stroll to the ballroom was passed in companionable silence. If he hoped to titillate her by stroking the back of her hand, it worked. He certainly did know how to tease.


As they reached the door, she paused. “I suppose this is where we should part. There are probably many other ladies who can't wait to dance with you tonight.”


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"And I shall certainly be murdered if I try to keep you to myself much longer, however much I might wish to," Charles returned, grinning widely. "I'll write to let you know when I plan to go gift shopping for our little mouse, and I shall call again soon. There remains yet some unfinished business from my first visit, I think."

He bowed to kiss Juliana's hand, and took his leave.


(OOC: Fin for Charles. Thanks for a fun thread! 😁)

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