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Lord and Lady Moulsford | 31st December- Xmas 1677

James Winchester

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Lord Edward and Lady Mary Winchester

Baron and Baroness Moulsford


Dearest Feather and Mother,


A most happy and blessed festive season! I trust that the weather is kind to you both, be glad that you need not travel at this time! The roads from Wales were very heavy, but Noni, Rachelle and I are safe and sound at our house in Chelsea, which is lovely and snug against the cold. I tell you truly, never have I been so content as in the company of my little family. Do give my warmest regards to David, Elizabeth and Eleanor.


Work at Wentwood progresses apace, with moves to increase the profitability of the forest landscape. I sent directly a brace of pheasant and some smoked duck which I trust reached you in time for the season. I am thinking that I should speak to the head of the Physic Gardens regarding the propogation of plants; there are many valuable timber species within the forest but one would not wish to log them without replacing them for the future.


On the subject of my dear siblings, I hope you will forgive my impertinence if I express my thoughts. Elizabeth is well married of course, but at thirty I’m certain that David will be actively seeking a match, and whilst it is difficult to think that the baby of the family has at last come of age, I am all too aware that Eleanor is also well old enough to debut. I do not doubt that you have things well in hand, but if it you please you my lord and assist the matter, I would of course be honoured to host either of my dear siblings and introduce them about court. There are several fine young men and women here seeking matches, and no doubt there will be more in the spring season.


The thought makes me a trifle melancholy, I do miss Moulford in the spring, but Wentwood is truly beautiful and the landscape pleasing to the eye. I judge it a fine place for a family as well. Mignonette sends her love to everyone and asks to be remembered to you all. Rachelle grows apace and is healthy and a good natured child.


All the very best for the end of the year and the beginning of the new. God bless and keep you all.


Your obedient son

James Winchester

Baron Wentwood

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