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To Mistress Vauquelin | 31st December- Xmas 1677

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James had debated over the subject of the Apothecary for the Queen Karoline London Royal Infirmary. There was some unrest between the Apothecaries and the Physicians at the moment, and whilst he'd had no trouble yet, he didn't particularly want to draw it to him. Alas but not everyone was genteel.


But one Apothecary was. Or at least one Apothecary owner. He'd inwardly scoffed at the idea of a woman owning an apothecary shop when she'd told him about it, but rumour held that the Golden Pestle had survived the attention of the Master himself, and was doing a fine trade. Perhaps it was time to reconsider.


Madamoiselle Nicolette Vauquelin,


A very happy Christmas to you and congratulations on becoming our Lady of Misrule. I trust that your attentions shall ensure a bright and light-hearted season. Please give my good wishes to Lord and Lady Basildon as well.


If it would not be considered crass at such a festive time of year, I wonder whether I might prevail upon you to meet with me on the subject of business? You mentioned your Apothecarian venture, and word of mouth has it that it has only gone from strength to strength. Your business nouse is to be commended, and I believe I have an opportunity for you, should it be to your liking. I hope that you'll agree to meet and discuss. Perhaps at Lady Alyth's Tea House? I am free on the morrow or the morning of the third.


I the meantime, all the best of the season to you and yours. I shall look forward to what innocent merriment you have in store for us tonight.


God Bless


Sir James, Doctor Winchester

Baron Wentwood


The letter was accompanied by a clay pot of duck breasts and legs, prepared confit style in the duck's own fat, and a tiny crock of duck liver paté, seasoned with port and pepper.

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