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Coughing Cavendish | afternoon 31st- Xmas 1677

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#17 House of William Cavendish, Third Earl of Devonshire


A square, two-story, red-brick dwelling encompassed with a dark-green lawn, in turn surrounded with a waist-high, wrought iron fence. A small, white porch extended from the front doors and connected to the cobble-stone path which traveled from the porch to the front fence without the slightest turn. Four ash trees stood symmetrically around the path, partially obscuring the first floor of the building from the street and providing shade over the path to the front door.


Two large windows stood on each side of the main door, revealing a music room on one side and a sitting room on the other. Three smaller windows provided views from the upstairs rooms over the trees and onto the city beyond.


After an enjoyably leisurely lunch, James headed into town for his meeting with William Cavendish as per their exchange, and his father, the Earl of Devonshire. Ostensibly to explore Cavendish Senior's library of course, but in truth to assess his health.


Regardless it was quite the opportunity, The Earl of Devonshire was one of the founding members of the Royal Society and had been tutored by Thomas Hobbs himself. That made him something of a legend in scientific circles, at least in James's eyes.


Approaching the house, James's man knocked on the door and stood just to the side, holding a basket covered with a cloth. With any luck the Earl's son was already inside. "Sir James, Baron Wentwood." He introduced himself when the door opened. "Lord Devonshire should be expecting me, Lord Cavendish and myself are going to tour the library. And here is a little something for the holiday table." He gestured to his man who offered the basket. Inside was a crock of duck liver paté, a second of smoked duck breast and a third with confit of duck legs, ready to be re-cooked and enjoyed.

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