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To Lord Basildon | 31st December- Xmas 1677

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The letter was written on creamy parchment topped with the fairly non-descript Winchester arms, and written in a spidery hand that had to belong to a member of the medical profession.


Lord Louis Basildon

Earl of Basildon


My dear Lord Basildon,


A most blessed season to you and yours, I trust that all are in good health and the winter finds you warm, hale and hearty. How grows your young son? Is he yet playing in the snow? Rachelle isn't quite old enough yet but her nurse informs me that she is quite enchanted by the falling flakes. Wales has treated us well but we are all back in London for the season.


I wonder if I might presume to visit and ask a few moments of your time? I have need to discuss a matter of Royal interest with you. I shan't be overlong about it, though of course the privilege of your company is always to be enjoyed.


God keep you,


Sir James, Doctor Winchester

Baron Wentwood

Her Majesty's Royal Physician


The letter was accompanied by a brace of smoked ducks and a crock of duck liver paté.

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