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To Lord Herbert | arrives 30/12, late afternoon- Xmas 1677

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Before she left for the Embassy, Sophia decided to write one more letter.


Dear Lord Herbert,


Thank you again for rescuing me when my carriage got stuck in slush. I will always be grateful for your kindness, for staying with me when you were eager to see your family again. They must have been delighted when you finally arrived and I hope you have been having a wonderful time together.


Thank you, also, for lending me your cloak. I had it cleaned and I am sending it back to you with this letter.


My ankle is much better today and I think it will be fully healed soon. If you still wish to accompany me to the Banqueting Hall to look at the painting on the ceiling, perhaps we can go there on the second of January? It may be in use during the next two days if New Years events are to be held there.


I do hope you will be able to join me. Your brother is welcome to come along as well.



Lady Toledo


Unlike most of her letters, she did not sprinkle perfume on this one, fearing that it might be too intimate and make Lord Hebert uncomfortable. After sealing it and inspecting the cloak, which had been wrapped in silk and placed in a box, she sent letter and package with a servant to be delivered immediately.

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