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To Catherine Sedley (Tuesday Evening)- Xmas 1677

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Having no desire to attend the libertine affair that was whispered about court on the 29th, Charles stayed home to play cards with Bradley and catch up on his correspondence. He needed an escort for the Spanish party on the following evening. Though he might prefer to escort Davina, that coupling needed to remain secret, so he sent for his other lover instead. Their relationship was no longer secret, so they did not need to treat it as such. It was also possible that York might attend and Catherine could speak with him at last.


Dear Ardent Admirer,


Would you like to attend the Spanish party with me tomorrow night? Who knows who you might meet there. I shall pick you up if you are interested.




He often addressed her as an infatuated lover, just to continue their game.

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Catherine chuckled as she read Charles' note. She had thought he might want to take her to the libertine party, but he seemed more interested in the banquet at the Spanish Embassy. She had not seen him in several days and she missed him. If he picked her up, that meant that he would take her home and they could spend the night together.


She wondered if York would be at the party. Catherine had not been able to corner him yet. Maybe he was avoiding her, but she was determined that he would see his daughter before the season ended.


Dear He Who Worships The Ground I Walk On,


I would be delighted to attend the party with you. I know how disappointed you would be if I refused. Just let me know when you plan to pick me up, and I will be ready.




After sealing it and splashing a bit of perfume over it, she sent it with a servant to be delivered immediately.

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