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Flurries of Females [CD] Christmas Day, 1:30pm- Xmas 1677

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While Douglas was out of the house, a pair of carriages pulled up to the Alyth house. Out of the first poured the Viscountess MacBain, Fiona, who was busy arguing about God knew what, with her younger sister, Shona. Following that pair was their youngest sister, Aileen, who quietly just walked around the squabbling pair, as she did most days, a bunny in her arms. Finally, the maid Cat had hired to ask as ladies' maid for Fiona and Shona exited the carriage, hurrying her charges through the door. Several chests and boxes were untied from the roof and carried inside by servants.


The second carriage also had plenty of boxes and such but inside, only Cat, Nessia and their attending servants. After traveling with her siblings up to Scotland, the countess knew better than to be stuck inside a moving vehicle for any length of time with them. There had been enough stress just from the delay caused by a broken carriage axle that cost them 3 days in an inn on the border. Luckily, with the lack of sibling distress, she arrived safe and sane and even managed a nap. The monetary cost might be much for two carriages, but the saving of her sanity was priceless.


With military precision, Cat directed her circus to their respective places and soon had everyone settings in. She found the mail, somewhat messy from her brother's handling, noting there was a ball tonight. Normally, she would have taken a day to settle, but it was Christmas, which wasn't supposed to be celebrated in Scotland due to its Roman Catholic ties, but was still celebrated in the MacBain household on Christmas eve, which added another day to their travel so the girls could celebrate. Scots celebrated Hogamany instead, which was celebrated over New Year's. So, Cat quickly got ready for the ball.

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