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Invitations To A Banquet- Xmas 1677

Sophia de la Cerda

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Written on snowy white parchment in Sophia's flowery handwriting, each invitation greeted the recipient appropriately and continued with:


Lord and Lady Toledo cordially invite you to a banquet at the Spanish Embassy on December 30. Dinner will be provided and there will be drinks afterward, as well as special entertainment direct from Spain.


Festivities begin at 7 pm.


Please join us in celebrating the Christmas season.


And bring your family and friends. The more, the merrier!



Each invitation was signed and folded, wrapped with a gold-edged blue ribbon with a large aubergine stripe in the center, representing the Toledo colors The ribbon was tied into a bow at the center around a pretty sprig of holly.


All PCs, royal and noble NPCs, and Ambassadors receive an invitation, regardless of whether or not they have met the Toledos.

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A short note written on pure white cotton rag card, with purple-black oak gall ink, in a masculine script without adornments. It arrived mid-morning on December the 30th.


Dear Barón y Señora Toledo,


I arrived to London after the clock struck twelve last night, so please do not consider my previous lack of reply as a slight. I will be honoured to attend.


Your humble and obedient servant,




The note was hand-delivered along a bottle of a remarkable sweet Sherry, almost black, made with dried moscatel grapes.

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