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Less Mischievious Machinations | 08/19, morning


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"Eure Majestät,“ Sebastian greeted her with a formal bow, stopping a proper distance back from the queen’s seat.


The queen sat propped up by opulently embroidered pillows, holding a small leather-bound book in her hands but not really reading from it. She was dressed in a mantua of dark blue silk, embroidered all over in gold and silver metallic thread in a floral pattern, simultaneously simple but of the quality befitting a royal.


“Freiherr von Brühl. Bitte setzen Sie sich.“ The queen indicated a smaller, cushioned chair in red velvet that sat not far from her own. “Haben Sie mit Fräulein Wellsley getroffen?”


Sebastian took the indicated seat and smooth his waistcoat down, expression collected. “Ja, Eure Majestät. Ich habe mit dem gnädigen Fräulein gesprochen. Das Gespräch war ein bisschen schwierig, weil das gnädiges Fräulein mich nicht verstanden hat.”


The queen leaned forward in her seat. “Bitte, erzählen Sie weiter, Freiherr von Brühl."


"Es will einen Protestant nicht heiraten, weil es katholisch ist.“


The expression on the queen’s face shifted as she pursed her lips. Sebastian wondered if she would yell at him, but from what little he knew of the queen, it seemed unlikely.


“Ich werde mit ihm sprechen. Bitte, sagen Sie, wie finden Sie England?“

English Translation

"Your Majesty."

-- "Freiherr von Brühl, please sit. Have you met with Miss Wellsley?"

"Yes, Your Majesty. I have spoken with the lady. The conversation was difficult because the lady did not understand me."

-- "Please, do go on, Freiher von Brühl."

"She will not marry a Protestant because she is Catholic."

-- "I will speak to her. Please, tell me, how do you find England?"

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