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London Gazette -21st of May


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The London Gazette


Published by Authority


21st of May


From the Court

On the 13th of May the Royal Hunt took place. It was a wonderful sight to behold. King Charles of course took the first kill, a boar. Another boar was taken down by the Duke of Monmouth. A small disturbance with the lady nearly went foul when her horse escaped her. The valiant Lord Langdon however retrieved it.


Due to the funeral of his grace the Duke of Ormond (see the report in our crime section) , all business was closed on the 17th of May. The Hunt Feast, scheduled for that day, was rescheduled to the 19th of May.


Another death, this time by misadventure, has shocked the Court. With great regret, it is announced that this day marks the untimely passing of Francis Newport, the Right Honourable the Earl of Bradford, a much valued Privy Counselor and both Comptroller and Treasurer of His Majesty’s Royal Household. His Lordship was born in Wroxester, Shropshire, in February of 1620 and succeeded to his father’s titles in February of 1651. The Earl of Bradford fought bravely for Charles I in the Battle of Oswestry and spent some time in the Tower as a result of his great loyalty to the Crown.


He is survived by his wife, the Lady Bradford (nee Russell); Richard Newport, Viscount Newport; the Honourable Thomas Newport; and the Lady Diana Newport. It is expected that The Lady Bradford shall shortly return to Weston Park, in Weston-under-Lizard, Staffordshire, the Bradford family seat, with her young daughter. It is expected that His Majesty shall shortly confirm Viscount Newport in the titles of his late father.


A petition was brought forward to the King for patronage of an observatory in Greenwhich by several fellows of the Royal Society. The King is said to favor patronage, though what funds he will donate is not known.


At Home

Crime has seen another rise in London as several cases reached our editors desk.


Lady Lennox was last seen on the 9th of May, leaving behind two underaged children. Anxious friends, stepping in to take care of the little ones, fear for the ladies life. Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Lady Lennox is asked to come forward.


Master Jacob Turner went up for trail in Old Bailey on the 10th of May. He was charged with having stolen a uniform and impersonating an officer of the Life guard for personal gain, as well as disturbing the peace at the Ball on the 8th of May. The judge pronounced a verdict of guilty and sentenced him to being hung by the neck until dead. Master Turner is currently incarcerated in The Tower of London.


For most on our minds of course is the dreadful murder on the Duke of Ormonde, by way of several arrows on the evening of May 8th. Witnesses claim there has to be more than one culprit. It is rumored that it was a crossbow held by Catholic hands. Is it coincidence that the Papal Legate has recently arrived? The Duke's funeral is to be a private affair on the 17th of May.


In other shocking news Henry Bennet, 1st Earl of Arlington was poisoned. If it were not for the heroic interference of several doctors, no doubt the good lord would no longer be among us.


For running through the streets of London naked and uttering blasphemy the earl of Rochester and master Eddington were incarcerated into the Tower by his majesty for two days. They were released after paying a fine of 100 pounds each.


From Parliament

Whereas John Taylor was this Day brought to the Bar, by the Sergeant at Arms attending this House of Lords, for Blasphemous Words uttered by him, and there owned the said Words (being read), which were taken by the Mayor of Guildford, in the County of Surrey, upon his Examination of the said John Taylor:


It is thereupon ORDERED, That the Master or Keeper of the Hospital of Bedlam, alias Bethlem, be, and is hereby, required to receive and keep in safe Custody the Body of the said John Taylor, and take Care that the said John Taylor be kept there with Bread and Water, and such due Bodily Correction as may conduce to his Recovery from the Madness wherewith at present he seems to be possessed: And if the said John Taylor shall not prove to be mad, but persist in the said Blasphemies, it is further ORDERED, That the said Keeper of Bedlam, alias Bethlem, do cause the said John Taylor to be delivered to be proceeded against according to the Law in that Case made and provided: And this shall be a sufficient Warrant on that Behalf.




Further to our previous reports of the grievous resurgence of the superstition of witchcraft in the region of Torsaker, Sweden:


It has come to our attention that the Ministers of Religion conducting the trial use vagrant boys, so-called "wise boys", to identify witches. In return for Payment these boys claim to see the Devil's mark on certain persons whom they accuse of Witchcraft.


Can anything be more Astonishing to men of Reason than this abhorrent Practice?


Last year the Royal Norrland Witchcraft Commission, consisting of 18 learned men and 6 farmers, was established. Learning in these Northern lands (so unloved by His Majesty) must be meagre indeed!


Chairman of the Commission is the County Governor of Västernorrland, Carl Sparre, who was appointed to this position one year ago. Following his appointment, he sent Letters to every Minister and ordered them to start Investigations and to interrogate the members of their parish congregations. Everyone suspected of Witchcraft was to be reported.


The Commission has sentenced the 71 persons accused of Witchcraft (as reported in an earlier Gazette) to death. They are to be beheaded and burnt at the stake on 1 June. Let us pray that Reason Prevails before this superstitious Madness is carried out!


One of the "wise boys" involved in the identifying of the so-called witches was recently found brutally beaten to death. Is there any who Wonder at this turn of Events?




The East India Company sold its shares on the 10th of May under much public interest.


Court officials have announced that the Ball of May the 15th shall be hosted by the King & Queen of May.


The auction at 22 Royalty Court on the 14th of May was a well visited affair. Among the effects of the late Marquis Harley that sold particularly well were an ivory cameo, a Hans Holbien painting, a beautiful diamond necklace and matching earrings, a carpet all the way from the Orient, a sapphire lady's bracelet, the papers and journal of the Marquis herself, an exquisite mantel clock, made in Switzerland, an emerald and gold tiara with a large embedded stone, a man's ruby ring, a collection of a 100 books and a mysteriously locked trunk.


Von Leibniz' publication on integral math was well received at the Royal Society as well as abroad. The Duchess of Orleans has been said to remark" It is rare to find learned men who are clean, do not stink and have a sense of humour."


Recipe for Portuguese Eggs: Whisk one egg. Add double creme and vanilla, two tablespoons of sugar and two tablespoons of cream cheese. Put on small rings of puff pastry and bake in the oven till just brownish.




Mistress M Kemp respectfully begs leave to remind her valued patrons that they can obtain London's Finest Coffee, Tea, Chocolate, Sherbert and Milk Punch at her establishment, Kemp's Coffee House.


Maid sought for respected house at Grosvenor Square. Women with good references can inquire at the Marlborough mansion.


Baronet Cedric Doolittle is glad to announce the engagement with intent to marry of his daughter Mistress Ophelia Doolittle with Viscount Duncan Melville.
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