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Speeding away in the night [6/5]


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By the strangest coincidence the King was in the Tower, that evening. He had been visiting some of the other prisoners that needed persuading and the veil of darkness had provided him with some anonymity.


He had earlier in the week hoped to pay a visit to the Oakhams, especially the lady concerned, to hear her tearful confession and perhaps assure her of his mercy. Oh, Charles could be very merciful to ladies, especially pretty ones. This lady in particular he had secretly lusted after for several seasons now and each time she escaped him. The timing had never seemed more perfect.


His dark brown eyes watched the couple get into the couch, a tearful lady leaning on a rather stiff upperlip looking lordship. She was getting away again, always on flight. This time it had been Rupert's urging. Unwise talk about witchcraft. Both Rupert and he took more comfort in the powers of reasoning and science, but the dark magics of the colonies were unsettling even so. It would set his hysteria prone people to even larger agitation if they found out. Thus he could only agree with his cousin. Oblivion was the best path, and quickly too. The tower had too much of a high profile with several of his nobles.


Charles sighed with regret as the coach sped away in the night. He could only just see the shape of it through the thick glass of the top of the tower. Escaped again, but not forever.


Lord Oakham and his wife had been released from prison and urged to spend the remainder of the season at their estate, Lady Oakham to recover from her illness that had so obviously addled her mind. Lord Oakham had been told, by Cumberland, to consider how he could be of further service to his King, but not to decide too quickly.

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