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The Darkest of Nights [16/10]


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Windsor shut down like a clam after the initial chaos. While some may have scattered to safety directly after the assassination attempt at the King on the Thames, soon enough none could escape. Guards refused exit to all, but Prince Rupert who rode in the night with a small brigade of Life Guards in the direction of the South of England. Far smaller than he would have liked for as it turned out the Life Guards had been pulling double shifts and so were ill prepared for a follow up.


Meanwhile a methodical search of Windsor Castle was attempted. Soldiers accompanied by shadowy men in cloaks went from room to room, securing them one by one. It appeared they were looking for secret passageways, rogue doors and other things most only read about in books. Rumour spread that they had caught a Frenchman that even now was being questioned under torture in the deepest dungeons. Others said it was an Englishman. Three dead bodies had also been confiscated for a coroners report.


Word came by midnight that while suffering a wound to the left leg, the King was out of danger and would yet live. He gave out a statement himself, praising Prince Rupert and His Grace the Duke of York for their quick actions, adding that naturally the King's Life Guard had acted with distinction. It was a short declaration, read aloud by Baptist May, the King's Privy Purse. A curious spectacle beforehand had one of the troopers race to a lady in waiting who had been sitting next to the Duchess of Portsmouth for hours, to whisper something in her ear, just moments before May spoke to all.

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