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Alarm in the Library (Afternoon of 16th)

Guest Temperance

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Williamson stepped into his office and pressed his palms to his eyes. He didn’t have time for this. He really didn’t. All this was enough to make a man believe Windsor castle was truly cursed. But he knew better of course. Malicious ghosts always turned out to be corporeal beings with greed or passions of any sort, either anger or lust, on mind. And he had no time to rest either. Opening the door he had just entered from again he gave a quick order and took a seat at his table.


It was a short while later that there was a knock on a secret door leading to the tunnels from his room and upon his summons the man he had sent for stepped in. Leaving the letter he had been reading be Williamson leaned back and twirling his quill between his fingers studied the younger man for a moments. “Do you know where I just came from?” The younger man nodded and shrugged a the same time attempting to be nonchalant.


“What exactly happened? I told you get the job done discreetly and quietly? Not leave the body lying in the middle of the library for lord Lowell and Countess Atherstone to stumble upon and raise alarm.” Williamson demanded after a long stretch of pause.


“I did the job. Nice and clean and quiet while having drinks together. But I was interrupted before I had had time to deal with the body so I had to stuff it out of sight before being seen by the librarian. I planned to go back later and sort it out quietly, but.” The man shrugged, doing his best not to fidget as Williamson looked at him.


“As if we needed more alarm.” Williamson sighed at length. “At least you know who killed this one and why.” The agent thought to insert a joke. Only to beat a hasty retreat back into the tunnels he had emerged from. Williamson’s Look could have castrated a woman.

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