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Seasons Last Session of Lords [25th of May]


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The passion was out of it, Finch noted as he called for order again. Most Lords already had their attention on the next season, or the upcoming trip to Scotland that the King had announced. The normal political fights were left to the Commons this week and he gave personal prayers of thanks to the Almighty that he was not speaker of that particular house, full of the lowest common villains. The Whigs in the Commons had roared before that the King had not given in enough to their demands and should consider the Exclusion Act, but that Act had not been submitted to Lords last session, instead delayed till autumn. Word had just come through though that the King was proroguing parliament till Spring '77, thus preventing any further mishaps that could interfere with his marriage.


"ORDER, ORDER," Finch shouted with a calm authority, hitting his wooden hammer on the ledger 'THIS HOUSE WILL COME TO ORDER."


It was no use, there was muttering and chaos and nobody raised a sensible point. He would be glad when it was over. In the end he managed to secure the final legal details on the setting up of the Bank of England, this great financial experiment that was supposed to solve all of England's problems. Exclusion, and a further expansion of the Test Act to include membership of the House of Lords would have to wait till the new political season and that was a long ways off yet.

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