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Cloak and Dagger. Newcastle House Tuesday PM

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For Frances things were much the same - each day or so brought some new message of felicitation on her soon to be wedding. Her mother was impressed then not depending on the wax seal but she could care less.

Easter done and now the Season starts and she wondered just how much it would resemble the last. She was restless and her mind a whirl with so many things. Chief amongst them was what she had been told by her well-meaning friends.

Dorset has yet another woman. Dorset has yet another woman

She had to smile simply because EVERYONE assumed that she actually cared. The needs of a man she understood well enough and those needs were filled by lose women while the needs of a man to further his line were provided by his wife.

The idea had come about quite unexpectedly and it had never left. There were ways she knew that a marriage contract could be dissolved by not applied to her and Dorset. And him lying with other women was too common place and held no weight. But what if there was a way other than that to get things called off? It was easy enough to get her maid to send one of her many brothers and then, thru him, receive information about what Dorset was about. The identies of those low women she cared nothing for it was anyone else that mattered. So it had begun. She was having him watched.

But not much had come of it. Tonights report was only that a 'Gentleman' had called at his residence and been admitted.

When would something of real use appear?

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