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Of Libertines and Children | Victorine can timestamp

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Walled Garden


The walls are covered with climbing roses and ivy, while also containing many other rare plants, including a weeping willow. The enclosed walls give the impression of being separated from court, almost in another world. Not surprisingly, the Queen used to favour this garden by day, often drawing comfort from its surroundings and the familiar scent of orange blossoms from the citrus trees scattered throughout.


By night, though, it is a different story. Due to its secretive nature, it is said to be frequented by less savoury characters.


Entry point to:


  • Grotto
    • Inside the complete walled over garden, one could find a place of even greater closure. It was a grotto, completely unnatural, created by mans hands. The walls were covered with seashells in a certain pattern, and the rest of it was filled with mosaic, blue most of all, that shone brilliantly and beckoned all passers by to come closer.


(OOC - since it's taken me awhile to get this thread up, I'm going to let Victorine timestamp it so that it will fit in her schedule. Just indicate the day and time in your reply post, and I'll edit it in.)


Safe in the knowledge that Charlie was being occupied by his uncles in the nearby Volary Gardens, she made her way into the relative sanctuary of the Walled Gardens. Away from the noises of the birds.


It was empty when she entered. The large willow was always an enchanted sight. She was unused to being in such small spaces with her son, who now seemed really quite wild. Feral even. Far better suited to the countryside. 


Though most were none-the-wiser things were quieter than they usually would be. She had been looking forward to the wild parties that secreted the night. If one was to be at court, that was one of the perks. 


Even if it was quite odd that her father could also show up at any one of such parties. Such was life. Neither were the sort to feel scandalized. 


Thinking of that, when she passed near to the grotto, she called out, "If anyone is having a rendezvous in there, be aware you are no longer alone!" Her voice then turned to an amused giggle. Clearly, she did not truly think anyone was in there right that moment.

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But Victorine did indeed have a rendezvous.

Her partner spread itself over her face, delicately tickling upon her bottom lip. There, her rendezvous was held in place with a half-asleep, half-awake hand.

It had been a hard read. But titillating when the meanings dawned upon her. While her own English was conversational; she was not yet a natural in the reading of the short novel. And when her concentration had finally been unduly taxed, Victorine had felt her body and mind rest. La baronne did not realise that she had slipped over into sleep. Surely it had been only a few mere moments before she heard the gleeful sally towards her direction. Quite unaware that this Grotto was a place of choice for lovers, and others, Victorine had found a small perch to rest. But it was from that small perch which she now was jolted.

Squirming somewhat at the thought she had been found asleep, or found out reading her bawdy book, Victorine stood and moved towards the origin of the small giggle. Curious.

The orange blossom always seemed stronger in the afternoon. It was a particular favourite of the frenchwoman, and perhaps the reason she was drawn there in the first place. 

' 'ello?' Victorine called out into the expanse. She could hear movement but could not quite see the lady who lent her voice to the small joke. 'At least,' Victorine said into the expanse, 'neither of us are alone?' At least she hoped that it was a lady. 

OOC - 13th April, afternoon? Would that suit?

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Charlotte giggled, "Ohhh! Shame! I almost hoped to interrupt an illicit rendezvous in flagrante delicto." 


She made her way inside the space known for such activities (though mostly at night when the covers of dark covered some of the nakedness). 


"Yes, and now neither of us is alone," she said brightly, as another young lady came in to view. Younger than she was, she thought, but she was not the sort to dwell in those things. "I am sorry I have interrupted your repose with my silly callings."

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Posted (edited)

Victorine could not help the flush that edged onto her cheeks. While she was embarrassed to have such a thing so starkly said, she thought perhaps this lady truly meant it as a joke. And she was not offended, rather delighted. 'Hélas,' Victorine lamented,  in mock despair, 'I am sorry to 'ave disappointed you.' 

The Frenchwoman tucked her bawdy book behind her skirts and continued to smile as an rather nice apology was given by this energetic lady. Victorine did not wish for the lady to know just yet what she was reading. The pages of her book were shameful: they were dog-eared as if read over and over again. Victorine did not willingly cause trauma to the papers but her frustration was occasionally meted out unfairly. 

'Non,' Victorine replied unconcerned with the disruption. She gave a small start, then paused: 'is there a chance such a thing would take place 'ere?' Victorine found herself chuckling at her own naivety; she had been attracted by the scent and sense a solitary security. Her hired maid would not be far away; but neither close on hand enough to prevent La Baronne from stumbling onto misdeeds or sex, impersonating coitus interruptus in the flesh.

'I am Victorine Folle, Baronness Ballater,'  Victorine gave her introductions after a few moments, 'I would say I am newly arrived to London, but I am sure that is quite evident.' The comment was not self-deprecating, merely factual but Victorine intended that it also be a little joke. 

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"I am not truly disappointed," she added. "Sometimes you see something you truly wish you had not!" She giggled and then explained, "This is a place frequently used for liaisons after dark and sometimes in the light of day." It was secluded enough for it.


"Generally, the sort of liaisons that make for very marketable gossip in court circles," she whispered with drama. 


Charlotte appreciate the humor of the recent arrival. "And I am Charlotte, Countess of Yarmouth. I have not been at court in a few years, while my son was small, but now he is old enough to pester his grandpapa at court." She grinned, sharing her father's playful nature. 


"So, how have you found London thus far?"

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