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A Witching Hour Seance Tuesday night

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Albemarle House

There had been an argument between Duke and Duchess this evening.  He had, once again, declared his wife was foolish for her fascination with the spirit world.  He did not trust Count Forensi.  He doubted that he was even a nobleman.

Darlene Hamilton had been invited this evening.  Christopher Monck did not know whether to count the lady as an ally or an accomplice to his wife.  One thing was sure, she was easy on the eyes.  Both he and his young brother-in-law, Lord Ogle, shared an appreciation of admiring fine women.  The Duke was one satisfied to gaze at a beauty and let his imagination run wild whereas other men were more prone to action.  He had retired to his quarters upstairs to work on important documents, or so he said.  This left his wife downstairs in the library to be dabble with her magic.

Elizabeth Monck was dressed in a purple gown with ebony bodice.  A silver tiara adorned her head.  Silver chains wrapped her neck and wrists and a silver ring with a large bloodstone adorned her right hand.

Count Forensi was there, dressed in jet black attire with a white shirt and silver and sapphire cravat pin.  He too was wearing silver jewelry.  A pretty young woman accompanied him this evening, having been introduced as Jenny Rhodes, a London woman who seemed attuned to the spirit world.  She wore a more simple dress of crimson, silver jewelry peeking from her exosed flesh.

It was time for the final guest to arrive.

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