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Thanksgiving Poll

Thanksgiving Poll  

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  1. 1. What are your character(s) most thankful for today?

    • That you did not entrust your younger brother into the care of the Earl of Danby
    • That your partner in a game of wits is not the Duke of Ablemarle
    • That your character is not engaged in "safe" sex with the Earl of Rochester
    • That the one man assigned to keep you safe from a band of brigands in a bloody encounter is not Bradley Whitehurst
    • That Lady Habersham is not your mother-in-law
    • That you are not counting on a Catholic uprising that will bring back Rome as the paramount power in England
    • That you are not Thomas Killigrew and hear that Lady Oakham plans to give you a dagger for your birthday
    • That you are not Karl, the bodyguard of Lady Toledo, charged with keeping an eye on Sophia.
    • That you are not told that you have the same chance of wooing your love as Burgoyne has of winning Nicolette's hand.
    • That you were not one of the co-conspirators involved in the assassination attempt on the King and think you are safe.
    • That you, the player, don't actually live in the Age of Intrigue

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I voted the way I did because poor Charles has enough trouble with Darlene as it is.

A close runner up was the last one but only because the Restoration Era is known for its poor internet speeds.

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