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Maria de Setúbal e Braga (clearly unfinished)

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Name: Paul.

Email: p.poumet@laposte.net

Age: 21 years old.

How you found us: I was loocking for an historical rpg, and here I am.

What is your background and experience in roleplaying: I roleplay since I'm 15, but it was only in French until this year.

What themes do you wish to explore in our game: Dangerous machinations and court intrigues. Like in Versailles (or Orlais if you get the reference), but in England, I suppose?

What makes you excited to do in our game: History, nobility and scheme.

What are you NOT looking for in our game: I'm not into sexual content, neither do my characters. But you know, that might be a plot topic (if we don't have anything else), trying to bring scand to a very devout, pious and virgin noble lady.


Character Profile (PUBLIC)

Character Name: Maria de Setúbal e Braga.

Title: Duchess of Halton and Lancaster. Frist Lady of the Bedchamber (and/or Mistress of Robess, I don't know the difference). 

Estate Name: Norton Priory (for Halton), and Lancaster Castle.

Nationality: Portuguese.

Age: 40 years old.

Gender: Woman.

Eye Colour: Dark.

Hair Colour: Dark.

Avatar/playby: Elisa Lasowski


The First Impression & Physical Appearance: 

Maria is 1,70 meter high, with some undeniable fat. Her eyes and hair are jet black, but her skin is whiter than French soft-paste porcelain. 


Maria is used to court intrigue, and knows how to manage vipers and spiders, as she is as sharp and sneaky as them. But she is also very pious and devout, to a point she might appears as very strict and rigid. 

Wealth Level :




Benefits & Challenges: 



Maria is the first daughter and second child of the most prestigious and prominent oldest noble house of Portugal, just below the royal house, as both her parents are tightly link by blood and mariages to the monarchy. Her father is Duke António of Setúbal and Leiria, whereas her mother was, in her own righ, Duchess Maria of Braga and Viana do Castelo, the met during the Portuguese independance where they both were strongly involved, such as their King and Queen, forming a sort of ambitious nationalist quartet. Their wealth, influence and power are only surpassed by their piety and devotion, as every nonheir member of their family is doomed to be a very high ranking member of the catholic clergy and Portuguese Inquisition. Maria was born exactly the same day as Queen Catherine of Bragranza, and wase raized with her like a true princess as if they were sisters, becoming as soon as possible her very first Lady in Waiting. Maria was one of the fewest Portuguese noble lady allowed to follow Catherine in England, and there, she kept her position to the highest when the Infant Catarina of Portugal became the Queen consort of England, Scotland and Ireland. As the proud Maria wasn't willing to marry a non-catholic english lord, the Queen decided to do her best to give Maria an appropriate rank and incomes at the royal court, and their combined hard efforts turned Maria into the life peer Duchess of Halton and Lancaster, managing her estates and duchies carefully from distance. Both Catherine and Maria practice their faith together in private, but still, their catholic piety is widely known, which leads to oppositions and turns them as target of anti-Catholic sentiment at the court.


She will do all what she can to keep her position, her religion and proximity to her Queen. 

Edited by Maria de Setúbal e Braga
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