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Finding Grace In The Chapel, Thursday 7th Early Morning

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She accepted his coins with a firm nod yet smiling at his touch. How could she not?

There was no resistance from her to his kiss. He was welcom'd with her own in return - her low moans accompaning.

But he pulled away yet she replied in that soft inticing whispered voice saying

"I should like to be 'carried off' and .... '  

She shook her head then gave another half smile and at his bow she executed her own dipping her knee neatly.

She stepped in front of him and quielty walked towards the doors. She stopped and the coins were deposited into the box for the Poor the sound echoing a bit.

Grace closed her eyes and sent up a silent Prayer uncaring if her lover saw or not then without a backards glance took her departure.


(ooc >fin)

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