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Tenderness of the Heart [Jcink Premium]

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Tenderness of the Heart

A Regency Era Forum

The 1812 Season is Underway!

There is nothing like England in June: birds are flying, flowers are blooming, the sun is shining and that can mean only one thing: 

The 1812 Season is at hand and the Social Whirl is about to resume in the City of London!

Everyone is arriving in the metropolis in search of the finest that the Ton has to offer, whether it's food, fashion, fun, or flirtation.
Don your finest attire, polish your most elegant manners, and step into a world where who you know is where you go... but who you marry is everything. 

Will it be for love or wealth? Will it be a choice made by the heart, by the eye, or by tradition? 
Will you climb the social ladder, or fall from grace?

Lord or lady, the bourgeoisie or lower class, the city awaits your presence and the plans you make, watching to see who succeeds and who fails.
Remember - London rarely sleeps, and it sees all. Take care and mind the gossip sheets. No deed, good or ill, goes unremarked. 


"There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart." 
- Jane Austen, Emma

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