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Here you will find announcements, away messages, advertisements, recognition, & random chatter.


  1. Link backs, etc

    You can post here if we have put our banner up on your board or we can put ours on yours! Please CHECK your ad before posting. Our forum software no longer supports BBC code and WILL NOT let you edit BBC code once you post (it will disappear without giving you any ability to fix what's wonky). Our forum uses a WYSIWYG editor ONLY, so you may have to redo your ad by hand to post it correctly!


    We will NOT fix your stuff for you or delete it. Do not post in our chat or PM us about your advertisement. All our admin are 30+ year old adults with jobs, families, and obligations. We focus all our attention on our members and fun alone. While you're welcome to advertise here, we aren't going to create one iota more work for ourselves!

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